The 3-Part Structure

 of the Boston North Shore Bridge Church


     Romans 12:8b …. "If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously"...



              Lead Pastor Team:   Drew & Liz McGee

              Associate PastorWendy Davis




              Altar Prayer Ministry:   Jerry O'Connor & Marietta Kamin

              Art and Architectural Design:   Murray and Martha Hart

              Wednesday Night Courses:  Helen Bickel

              Church Calendar:   Drew McGee  

              Children's Church Team:   Deb Robinson

              Healing Teams:   Drew McGee

              Home Group Oversight:   Drew McGee

              Hospitality & Greeters:   Elizabeth McGee

              Intercession Team:   Maureen Smith 

              Missions Team:   TBD

              Offerings Team:   Deb Robinson

              Outreach Team:   TBD

              Prophetic Teams:   Mike & Lynn Huber

              Sozo Team:   Martha Heasseler

                Worship Team:   Elizabeth McGee

              Young Married with Children:   Andy & Deb Robinson



             Drew McGee, Liz McGee, Wendy Davis,

             Mitch Lattof, Debra Robinson, Martha Hart



 Our Apostolic Coverings and Resources


     Patria Ministries, website

      Emerging Daniel Company,  website

     Streams Ministries,  website  

       Stir the Water, 



 Our Founding Father



John Paul Jackson planted the The Boston North Shore Bridge in 2005.  Even though in 2015 he passed from this life to his eternal home in heaven, he left a deposit of his spiritual DNA which remains with us.


John Paul also founded Streams Ministries International in Flower Mound, Texas.