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7 pm-8:30 pm

Wednesday Night On-Line Course

The Fundamentals of Biblical Dream Interpretation



This class is held on-line


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We will help you unlock the mystery of how God speaks in the metaphorical picture language of dreams.


Our Goal is to develop and hone your dream interpretation skills, increase your spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, reinvigorate your hunger for God, and learn ways of bypassing a person's natural defenses and give an interpretaion that goes directly to their heart.  This will prepare you to minister in outreaches as well as to friends and coworkers.


Special Guest, Dream Master Jim Driscoll, will  join us online for THIS session



The Course Will Cover

  • The reason God talks to us in dreams
  • How to decipher God's metaphorical language and pictures
  • Undersdanding typical dream symbols and building a dream symbol library
  • Learning how to transform a linear dream story into a conceptual God message
  • Studying the dreams in the Bible and Biblical dream symbols
  • Recognizing the difference between dream symbol interpretation and divine revelation
  • Dissecting and diagramming dreams on a white board 
  • Interpreting many short sample dreams to build your confidence
  • Learning how to sum up a dream in a concise impactful way
  • Discovering ways to interpret dreams for friends and non-Christians in their language