7 pm

Dreams and Mysteries DVD Series, Season 1

Six Thursday nights, September 27th - November 1st


“The mysteries of God weren’t hidden from you, they were hidden for you!”


Dreams & Mysteries DVD course by John Paul Jackson does not shy away from the difficult questions about the supernatural dimension. Everything is fair game. But the ultimate purpose of this show is to change your paradigm of God. To make you aware of the wonderful spiritual mysteries we overlook every day and encourage you to chase after them for yourselves. We want everyone who watches this program to leave changed.


These classes will be facilitated by Fred Vyn and Pastor Drew McGee




Join John Paul Jackson as he explores the mysteries of God. We will show the six eposides below from season 1:

The Mystery of Justice

The Mystery of Dreams

The Mystery of Prophets & Psychics

The Mystery of Angels

The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

The Mystery of the Gift of Revelation