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10 am

Sunday Morning

Join our special guest and friend


  Jim Driscoll       


   Jim is a gifted prophet, seer, interpreter of dreams, and teacher. He brings his unique ability & insight to our Sunday morning service.   
   Jim founded stirthewater to help people grow in their revelatory gifts and has authored "The Modern Seer." He operates in a prophetic anointing and has a highly developed gift for Biblical based dream interpreting. Jim loves to show us practical ways how we can thrive in God's supernatural Kingdom. He, his wife and six children live in Virginia.





         Preservice Prayer  9:00 am              

         Worship Service  10:00 am                                


         26 Newburyport Turnpike (Route 1), Rowley, MA


At the North Shore Bridge we believe Church is a place where people should encounter the Living God and experience the dynamic life of Jesus. We try to create an atmosphere of joy and life with a feeling of celebration and energy.  Join us 10 am Sunday morning.  We start with Worship lead by our music team.  After worship we break for 5-7 minutes for coffee and fellowship.  Then Jim Driscoll will minister to us.