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10 am

Special Guest Papa Joe Bradford

Join us on Sunday morning, January 13th


Prayer: 9:05 am   

Main Service: 10:00 am


Boston North Shore Bridge Church

We meet at the 26 Newburyport Turnpike (Route 1),

Rowley, MA



Papa Joe Bradford was a brilliant college student on his way to be hired by IBM in the 1980s.  A smart programmer, but also a hacker, he was caught and sent to a max security prison.


While in prison he got saved. When he was released he met a beautiful woman who loved God also. Then he got sick with a rare kidney disease. They had two young kids with no money and were forced to move into the housing projects in the Nashville, TN.
God used Joe while he was on 9 hours of daily dialysis to minister to fatherless kids in the projects. This summer he fed 1000 kids daily.  Hear his testimony of how God healed him and gave him 8 kids of his own. 


Witness the power of God truly who can “set men free” and renew your faith this Sunday morning, January 13th, 2019
Papa Joe Bradford, the inspiration for the Christian movie called Unconditional about a part of his  life.  Watch the movie 'Unconditional' on YouTube