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During & after the service
Des Figg from Petition Ministries will have information
at church on Sunday, September 15th.  

Petition Ministries offers hope, healing and closure for those who have come to regret an abortion.  Des will be available during & after the service to talk privately with anyone who wants to discuss this sensitive issue.  Her ministry is designed to help both men and women receive healing from the wounds and shame of past abortions.  She will also have brochures that explain petition ministries.



Image may contain: 2 people, including Desirée Figg, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoorAt Petition Ministries we facilitate one-time Memorial Service events using volunteers who want to make a difference in their community.  Whether it was your own, whether you had a part in one or if your heart is broken about abortion in general, we want to offer what we call the Five R’s of Healing and a safe place to grieve.   
Abortion statistics show that one in four women have had an abortion.  Very sadly that figure is the same whether outside the church or in it!  That means some of those wounded may be sitting next to you in church every Sunday and they are silently suffering the pain.  Shame often surrounds the issue so terribly that the living victims don’t know where to turn for help.  Shouldn’t they be able to turn to you?
We have developed a simple program to equip ordinary Christians to help their friends or those in their congregations to start on the path to healing.  It doesn't involve extended training or even lay counseling.  It simply means agreeing to host a memorial service designed to grant a safe place for the hurting to grieve.  Our program requires only that volunteers step forward to host a one-time event in your community.  We offer free, brief online training for a three volunteer lead team who agree to put on the Petition Memorial Service Event.
The program takes approximately 2 months of minimal planning and a few additional volunteers to carry it out.  It can be as simple or as complex as you desire and we have kits available for the hosting team to purchase which makes the entire process easy and hassle free.  Even though it is simple, the value of a memorial cannot be underestimated.  One woman recently told me, “Your ministry saved my son's life!”  Another woman said after completing the program that even the sky looked bluer and the trees looked greener!  That’s the kind of difference you can make using our simple program.
What starts out as a deep dark well of pain, shame and unexpressed grief, soon turns to hope that healing can actually come.  Our process is designed to take participants through the Five R’s of Healing in a nonthreatening way and to bring them to a place of closure.  This is accomplished by you, the volunteers, who are closest to those who come forward for help.  It puts tried and proven methods in your hands where your hearts of compassion, gentle understanding and guided steps can quickly impact someone's life with the deep needed healing that Jesus Christ purchased for those dear ones on the cross.
Every item carefully chosen for the memorial table, every ceremonial nuance implemented and each planned, but Holy Spirit inspired, step is designed to convey the love of Jesus to those you will help and to offer them the shining light of hope and closure.
Our ministry was birthed from over a decade of ministering to post abortive women in a counseling class of 12 weeks duration taking students through a Bible study course.   These types of programs are immensely successful and our services don't pretend to sidestep those valuable classes.  However, we have discovered that very few people are even aware that those types of counseling classes exist and even if they do know about them, many are unable to find the courage to complete a program like it, unless of course the Lord has pushed them to that point.