We support each of the people shown below





Emelyn Hart


Emelyn lives in Mozambique, Africa and is one of four vice-presidents of Iris Ministries.  She gives her time and energy reaching out to families in need--literally to the poorest of the poor in Africa. We provide a portion of her monthly support to help with her living expenses and travel so that she can continue to reach out to the broken and hurting with the love of Jesus. Her parents, Murray and Martha Hart attend the our Church.  You can read more about her ministry at: Emelyn Hart FaceBook









Shanti English Primary & Medium School

Chhattisgarh, India


The Shanti English School in India is a providing education to poor children in an under-developed Indian village. We support them each month so that they can teach these children English and other key skills, enabling them to have better lives and escape the cycle of poverty in rural India. The founder of this school (red shirt in the picture) attends our church when he is in town and available.













Emerging Daniel Company


The Emerging Daniel Company is a dynamic husband & wife team of Aaron & Jill-Marie Evans.   They have a special ability to train, equip, and raise up leaders in all spheres of society to witness and influence for Jesus Christ.  Aaron and Jill are apostolic voices, providing regular wisdom and guidance to help our church reach its God-given destiny in the Boston North Shore area. You can read more about them on their website: www.emergingdanielcompany.com












Bridge Pinnacle Mountain

Sutton New Hampshire


The Pinnacle Prayer Mountain is a sanctified place for meditation and prayer.  In addition to a Sunday morning service on the mountain, they hold regular intercessory prayer meetings on weekday evenings and met for corporate worship at various times of the year.   























Jim & Nelleke Johannson


Jim & Nelleke are Wycliffe Bible translators stationed in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, translating the Bible into the local language of Kimaragang. We support them periodically so that they can continue their work of reaching the local people with the good news of Jesus Christ.