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During the Summer 0f 2020 our Dream Interpretation classes will not be held. 



Mara Coleman, our resident "Dream Master" holds monthly classes on Biblical dream interpretation the third Sunday of each month.  


Mara says, " We are taking a monthly adventure on the third Sunday of each month--right after church--to refresh and hone our dream interpretation skills.  There will be opportunities for field trips (such as Salem outreach, prophetic ministry, or dream parties where you can invite family, friends and neighbors).  Learning to speak this language is an incredible evangelistic tool as well as discovering/uncovering the ways God is speaking to you. Each session will last approx 45 minutes. 


These sessions will train you with example dreams as well as personal dreams that you bring to class.  This is an opportunity to bring your own dreams and learn how to interpret them. 


Our Goal is to develop and hone your dream interpretation skills, increase your spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, reinvigorate your hunger for God, and learn ways of bypassing a person's natural defenses and speak directly to their heart.  This will prepare you to minister at the Haunted Happenings in October, as well as to friends and coworkers.

You can attend as often as you like. No experience is necessary to join any of these discussions. 


3-person dream teams are also available on the 1st Sunday of each month immediately following the church service.  We also have classes the thrid Sunday of each month, immediately after church.