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Freedom in Christ through Unbound

Individual Session Signup


individual sessions are available.  We have sessions during and after church on Sundays and on certain weekday evenings


Please email Fred Vyn at  fredavyn@comcast.net to sign up for your individual session


In Unbound prayer ministry, our primary measure of success is that the person receiving ministry feels listened to, accepted, and loved.  In every love relationship, there will be things that hinder love: attitudes and behavior patterns that block the flow of relationship with God and other human beings.  Jesus is the way, and the truth and the life.  He comes to set us free from everything that hinders love. 


As trained Unbound prayer ministers, our role is to lead the one receiving prayer with the five keys to freedom of the Unbound prayer model: repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, taking authority in the name of Jesus, and receiving the Father’s blessing.  As we listen to the person’s story, we are also listening for the doors that have been opened to the influence of the kingdom of darkness, and equipping believers to walk in their God-given authority as precious sons and daughters of the Most High God.


We offer ministry by appointment at the Bridge on some weekday evenings beginning at 7PM and 9AM on Sunday mornings.  If you would like to schedule a confidential ministry session, please contact Fred Vyn at (978) 578-3938 or fredavyn@comcast.net.